Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bonnaroo Here We Come!

How can I begin to describe this particular journey? Suffice to say that I wanted to go to Woodstock in the summer of 1969. That I didn't is another story, one that is waiting to be told. Mom Goes to Woodstock(38 years later) or something along those lines :)

When Matt announced that his band - the RxBandits - was slated to play the biggest music festival in the United States (does The Police and The White Stripes ring a bell yet?), I AM THERE! Imagine the scene...driving an RV big enough to house 8 of us, the Seal Beach/Long Beach Kids' contingent, Tennessee hospitality, camping with the musicians and Music 24 hours a day. That I am in the minority age-wise is irrelevant. We all had our own fun, in our own way and I even stayed up past 9PM!


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