Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dinner at Suzanne's

Sunday, Feb 5, 2006

Though this doesn’t really count as a solo activity, I did have a wonderful night with my friends Joelene and Suzanne. We dined at a local lovely restaurant called Suzanne’s (no relation to my friend), sampling such taste treats as grilled vegetable salad, crusty fresh bread and butter, seafood and sweet desserts of three flavored mousse as well as a pineapple concoction topped with ice cream. At times I wonder if I have a bottomless pit for a stomach! No regrets here, it was scrumptious. As we eagerly caught up, each with new additions to add about our post grad-school lives, the couple next to us was experiencing their own super bowl of loud, silent communication. It wasn’t like I can eaves drop (my right ear is presently hearing challenged) but seriously it was almost impossible to dismiss the drama that was being played out at their table. As we three were roaring about some recent mishap with the male species, our neighbors carried out the patterns so familiar to me: blaming, reading the riot act, crying, the please-don’t-at-be-mad-at-me hug and the ever present silent screams. Painfully I recalled my own bumbling attempt to get my needs met while desperately wanting to make my partner wrong, suffer and take responsibility for my internal reactions. Hopelessly adrift in adult love and childhood patterning.

The three of us smiled our knowing smiles, blessing our dining neighbors and reminded how precious our woman-bond is. Self-forgiveness in tact, tracking projections in our tool box, we concluded that though the challenges are daunting, we are each still willing to put our big toes and whole souls into the next new relationship that Spirit sends our way.


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