Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bonnaroo Here We Come!

How can I begin to describe this particular journey? Suffice to say that I wanted to go to Woodstock in the summer of 1969. That I didn't is another story, one that is waiting to be told. Mom Goes to Woodstock(38 years later) or something along those lines :)

When Matt announced that his band - the RxBandits - was slated to play the biggest music festival in the United States (does The Police and The White Stripes ring a bell yet?), I AM THERE! Imagine the scene...driving an RV big enough to house 8 of us, the Seal Beach/Long Beach Kids' contingent, Tennessee hospitality, camping with the musicians and Music 24 hours a day. That I am in the minority age-wise is irrelevant. We all had our own fun, in our own way and I even stayed up past 9PM!

Megan and I are in front of our Home-Away-From-Home. We flew to Savannah, GA and drove over 400 miles to Manchester, Tennessee. What an adventure. I learned many new highway rules thanks to the friendly Southern law enforcement gentlemen I met along the way...

We spent the morning hiking and exploring the Old Fort Archeological Site in Manchester. What an example of the wonder of nature it is.

It was a typical hot summer day so this was a relief to

find such an idyllic spot to lounge in. The girls reminded me of wood nymphs from a mythical novel.

The crowd awaits their favorite Orange County, CA band...
the RxBandits. I am the Band Mom extraordinaire, jumping out of my skin with excitement to be backstage!

We really had alot of fun. I had quite a few star sightings (Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead, Ziggy Marley and even Laura Dern with husband Ben Harper). Oh and I had lunch next to Dennis, The Police's sound technician. That is as close to Sting as I managed to get unless you count 10th row center on the field during his Saturday night show!

We did not want our fun to end. Alas, the campers went home, the musicians took off to do another show and we ate our last breakfast at the Huddle House. I guess we're the lucky ones though since music the never ends...the RxBandits practice in my garage!

RxBandits are my favorite band and so what if I am a little biased....